Which iPad should I Get?

Do I need the 3G version?

Yes, sort of. OzRunways requires a GPS to see your position on the maps. The GPS is integrated with the 3G chip, so yes: you should get the 3G version, even if you never put a SIM card in there.

If you get the WiFi-only version, OzRunways will work but you won't get all the awesome GPS functionality unless you buy an external GPS for around $120. Best just to get the 3G version.

What Memory Size do I Need?

OzRunways requires around 2-5GB of storage, so any model will do, e.g. 16gb is fine. If you're going to be using it for other thing like Photos, get the 32gb version.

Do I need a sim card for my 3G iPad?

No, the GPS will work without one.
BUT - we still recommend getting one as you'll have access to data on-demand if you forget to download the maps at home during an amendment. Also your GPS fix will be quicker as it uses Assisted-GPS to help get a faster fix (it's still a real GPS...just works better!).
Having a Sim-card also enables you to use your iPad for email & weather.
We recommend Telstra NextG for flying in Australia due to the awesome coverage (we have no affiliation with Telstra).

Alternatively, you can "tether" your iPad to your iPhone via WiFi. You need to enable the Personal Hotspot in settings on the iPhone and join the network on your iPad. This really chews through the iPhone's battery, so make sure it is connected to ship's power.

Which model?

OzRunways runs on every model except the original iPad1. You will need iOS 8 or greater operating system. All new iPad's come with iOS 9 or later so you should have no problems there.

iPad mini - These are the small, A5 size. Easy to transport, but smaller maps & ERSA due to smaller screen size. Lots of people prefer them due to the portability. Get an iPad Mini 4, the cheaper iPad Mini 2 that's still for sale is getting slow.

iPad Air 2 - This is the latest model of the big one, more A4 sized. Again, half prefer this due to the bigger screen size.

iPad Pro - The most awesome iPads ever. The 12" is too large for the cockpit, but the 10" can work for you. Extremely fast and the most readable screen in bright sunlight. If you want 10" and can spend this much on it, you should.

iPad mini: