OzRunways Staff Customer Interaction Guidelines

We love hearing from our customers when they have questions or feedback and we have developed a few guidelines to help manage the interactions that take place between you, our valued customers and the OzRunways team.

Firstly, OzRunways is a small team that is staffed by professional aviators who develop and manage EFB software. Expect your interactions with us to be akin to what you could expect if you were dealing with any other aviation industry professional - we take our work seriously and we strive to be knowledgeable in what we do. We ask that all of our customers approach our staff with courteously, and our customers will receive the same in return.

It is important to note that OzRunways not the safety regulator, nor the Australian Aeronautical Information Service provider (CASA and Airservices respectively fill these roles). So if you get in touch with us, please keep in mind the limitations in what we do and respect the constraints of our team if we point you in the direction of CASA and ASA.

Secondly, we make our app as user friendly as we can and we participate actively in promoting aviation safety. Having said that, we simply can't eliminate all the hazards and risks from flying an aeroplane nor from using an EFB in the process of doing so. We are focussed on safety as much as we can be within our resources.

Thirdly, when dealing with our team, please be courteous to us as we will be to you. To keep our people well looked after, we won't be able to help you if you are rude or aggressive towards us either in person or in writing. We know that things can go awry at the worst times and that pressure can cause frustration, but please don't take that out on our team or we won't be able to help you.

Fourth, if you have criticism to give, we would love to hear it so don't be shy. All we ask is that you not be rude to us, especially if you do not get the outcome you want. OzRunways is a very complicated business and we think we punch above our weight considering the size of our team, but like everything our resources are finite. Sometimes app features cannot be implemented for varying reasons, or decisions need to be made to benefit the majority. Where we can act to change or improve an app feature, after balancing all the relevant considerations we always do. The core functionality of our apps (that is, the ability to view Aeronautical Information as published by ASA, CASA etc) is our core mandate and what your subscription pays for and we will always maintain that functionality as our highest priority.

Our staff are dedicated to helping you and we look forward to the opportunity to do so.